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Test Taking Made Easy

Testing has become this huge weight in the education world. Our students feel more and more pressure each year. When testing is happening in your school you can walk around and feel the tension in the air. Teachers are freaking out and so are the students. You are part of

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How To Use Plickers in your Classroom

How boring are your assessments? Guess what… they don’t have to be anymore. Plickers is a free assessment tool that is uses the concept of students responding with a clicker… except- there are no clickers! Instead, students use a paper clicker (plicker) which is similar to a QR code. The

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Using Fairytales to Teach Sequencing

Sequencing events in a story can be difficult for students. This is one of my favorite lessons to teach because it really engages my students. It makes them think about how they would record the events of the story if they were describing it to others. Anchor charts are so

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Customize Your Desktop Folders

Sick of those ugly blue folders that you have on your desktop. Never Fear… Custom Folder Icons are here! This tutorial is for Macs but you I am sure there is a way to do something similar with PCs! Here is a video to show you how to do it.

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Teaching Character Traits

Character traits are always a fun topic to teach and students seem to catch on pretty quickly. I provide my students with multiple opportunities to practice describing characters. They even get a handout to put in their interactive notebook. Keep on reading to see how I teach character traits in

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Top 3 Brain Mapping Websites

Do you have access to technology in your classroom? If so, you must check out these three easy to use websites for brain mapping. My students love to use these websites. Help them get their thoughts in order for research projects, essays, group projects- pretty much anything! When you assign

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