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Stop Motion Made Easy

Have you tried Stop Motion Animation with your students? My students are OBSESSED. I love how engaged they are and the creativity that they have totally surpasses my expectations! Keep on reading to find out how I use Stop Motion in my classroom and why I think it is a

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7 Tips and Tricks for Using Your Mac

Are you a Mac user? I remember when I switched from using my PC to a Mac and how frustrating it was to make this switch. Now that I have learned some tips/tricks on how to use my Mac I love it so much more! In 1990, Apple used the

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Using Guided Access in the Classroom

It is very hard to monitor 20+ iPads at one time, or monitor your students while you are doing small groups and your students are using devices for centers. There are always students who want to try a new app or search online for different things (animal memes anyone…) but

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5 Reasons to Use Anchor Charts

Anchor charts are essential to students’ learning. As a teacher, it gives you a place to anchor your lesson and it gives your students a place to refer to as they are practicing/working independently. Here are my top 5 reasons for why you should be using anchor charts in your

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10 Tips for Increasing Student Engagement

Engaging all of your learners all of the time is nearly impossible. But, you can get pretty close! Here are my top ten tips for increasing student engagement in your elementary classroom. This year, I have a group of wiggly students and they definitely have a hard time focusing. At

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5 Apps for Multiplication Fact Practice

Using apps to help students practice multiplication facts is a great way to fill some down time in your classroom, build basic skills for students and motivate all of your learners. Below you will find 5 of my top apps for multiplication fact practice! 1. Times Table Game This app

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