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Why You Should Be Batching Your Lessons

Admit it, you hate lesson planning too. Does anyone truly get giddy over sitting down and figuring out exactly what they are going to teach for hours on end? It can take (what feels like) forever to write out your lessons for the week and then you still have all

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The 5 Step Organization Master Plan

How do you organize #allthethings in your classroom? From task cards, to games, to extra supplies – organization can get to be a bit chaotic. Unless of course, you have a master plan. Over the last few years, I have tried many different strategies to get my classroom organized. The

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Easy Organization Tips for Student Materials

Organizing student materials can be difficult! Add flexible seating or a rotating block schedule and it can feel downright impossible. Having a plan for student organization will help streamline transitions, minimize distractions and create an overall sense of calm in your classroom. Keep reading to find out what I do

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Teaching Typing in the Classroom

  Typing is an essential skill that our students need to be learning. As classroom teachers, it is hard to imagine adding yet another thing to the list of things that need to be taught, but can you imagine your students becoming adults in the world we live in without

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Searching & Saving Videos on Boclips

Searching for videos is my number one frustration when it comes to using technology in the classroom. I have tons of videos saved as bookmarks on my laptop, but keeping them all straight and finding videos easily can be very time consuming. Boclips makes it so easy to search for

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