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Building Teamwork

This post contains affiliate links to make your life easier! Any purchases made through one of the links earns us a small commission, at no extra cost to you. This commission helps to support the blog so I can continue to share content and freebies with you. All views and

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Think Time- Bubble Pop Method

Picture your class when you ask a question. Do you see the same immediate hands shoot up in the air? You know, the kids that ALWAYS have the answer? Do you call on them or do you have an awkward wait time as you wait for a different student to

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Monthly Planning Guide: Freebie!

Do you plan day-by-day or week-by-week? I do too. But, I like to also plan out monthly. I know that there are many teachers who are able to curriculum map for the entire school year, but I just haven’t been able to do that yet. I change my mind, find

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Keeping Anecdotal Notes with a Custom Clipboard

Anecdotal Notes. Remember those things we are supposed to write down and keep track of. Anecdotal notes are meant to be informal. They should document little snapshots of your students’ behavior/actions. They are perfect to take with when meeting about behaviors or during parent/teacher conferences.With 20+ students in the classroom,

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Organizing your Bulletin Board Borders

Bulletin board borders can be frustrating to store and organize! I have a quick tip for you how you easily organize them! I know how much of a mess than can get to be and many of us do not have space in a large drawer to keep them. You

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Free Websites for Skill Practice: Arcademics

My students love practicing their basic skills using a variety of websites (all free of course). I constantly change up the websites so they remain engaged. My students practice various skills throughout the week. Keep on reading to see more about how I use the app/website Arcademics to help my

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