Teaching About the Solar System

Do you cover the Solar System in science? It is one of my favorite units to teach because the kids are so curious and intrigued by everything beyond our Earth! This post is full of ideas, books, resources, videos and even a FREEBIE to help you teach all about the Solar System!This post contains affiliate … Read more

Shark Week Resources

Do you teach about sharks? Sharks are not in my curriculum, but my students LOVE learning about them so I make sure to have a fun week focusing on sharks to practice lots of skills! In honor of Shark Week, I’ll be sharing some of my favorite resources to teach about these amazing creatures! This … Read more

Measuring Matter Centers

To wrap up our Matter Unit we spend an afternoon measuring matter in some fun centers. We use graduated cylinders, spring scales, triple-beam balances and also meter sticks. Keep on reading to find what each center involves and grab our center sheet as a freebie at the end! Setting The Stage: Of course there is … Read more

Proving that Gas has Mass

One of my favorite science units to teach is Matter. My fourth graders come in knowing the basics about solids, liquids and gases. But, I get to “blow their minds” with some fun science experiments. I start the unit off with this super easy experiment to prove that gas has mass. To start, you will … Read more

Lessons About Leaves!

Fall is one of my favorite times of year! My students love it too because we can use them for so many different reasons. Here are a few lessons I do each year in my class to celebrate fall.Up first, talking about some very awesome adjectives! We made a super quick anchor chart using some … Read more

Leaf Chromatography

Fall is the perfect time of year to take a closer look at leaves! I love teaching about leaves, photosynthesis and chlorophyll! Students actually love learning about it all too. This is a simple science lab that you can complete as a whole class to take a closer look at the pigments in leaves (believe … Read more