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Teaching Sequencing Using Balloons

What is more fun than popping a balloon? Popping a balloon and then sequencing events, that’s what!! You have to spice up your instruction to make a boring thing like sequencing be exciting and fun for your students. Keep on reading to find out how you can add a little

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The Little Linebacker: Picture Book Lesson

Do you use picture books for character education in your classroom? My students love reading new books and they really love books they can relate to. I have been a huge fan of Maria Dismondy and have all of her books. She recently co-authored a book about determination with Stephen

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Measuring Matter Centers

To wrap up our Matter Unit we spend an afternoon measuring matter in some fun centers. We use graduated cylinders, spring scales, triple-beam balances and also meter sticks. Keep on reading to find what each center involves and grab our center sheet as a freebie at the end! Setting The

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Maximizing Scholastic Reading Club Orders

Do you use Scholastic Reading Club in your classroom? My students and I love ordering books each month. They love the selection of books that they offer and I love that we can get free books for our classroom library! Over the last three years, I have figured out a

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Teaching Our Students to Breathe

Being a kid can be hard. Some of our students face so much adversity at home, that it is hard for them to let it go when they walk in our classroom door. They carry everything with them all day long. It builds and builds inside of them. Yet, the

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Proving that Gas has Mass

One of my favorite science units to teach is Matter. My fourth graders come in knowing the basics about solids, liquids and gases. But, I get to “blow their minds” with some fun science experiments. I start the unit off with this super easy experiment to prove that gas has

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