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Shark Week Resources

Do you teach about sharks? Sharks are not in my curriculum, but my students LOVE learning about them so I make sure to have a fun week focusing on sharks to practice lots of skills! In honor of Shark Week, I’ll be sharing some of my favorite resources to teach

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How to App Smash

App smashing can be a lot of fun for you and for your students. It takes some very important rules to work successfully and for you to end up with an amazing finished product. Keep on reading for tips and tricks for launching App Smashing Projects in your classroom! What

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Building Strong Student Relationships

Building relationships with students can be tricky. It is a very delicate balance of trust and friendship as well as mentorship. There are a few elements to building influential relationships with your students. Keep on reading to find out the six keys to fostering strong connections in your classroom. 6

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The Ultimate List of Word Work Apps

Do you use technology for word work or spelling practice in your classroom? Keep on reading to find the top word work apps for both spelling list specific apps as well as general word building practice. All of these apps are free and student approved!Up first, lets take a look

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Prepping Now for Back to School

It is always hard to go back to school in the fall. Especially with the idea of lesson planning looming over your head. After sitting on the beach, enjoying some quality family time and recharging those batteries… the last thing you want to stress about is going back to school.So

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Teaching Sequencing Using Balloons

What is more fun than popping a balloon? Popping a balloon and then sequencing events, that’s what!! You have to spice up your instruction to make a boring thing like sequencing be exciting and fun for your students. Keep on reading to find out how you can add a little

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