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5 Apps for Multiplication Fact Practice

Using apps to help students practice multiplication facts is a great way to fill some down time in your classroom, build basic skills for students and motivate all of your learners. Below you will find 5 of my top apps for multiplication fact practice!

1. Times Table Game

This app has a fun “ninja” style and my students Love It! Teachers have the ability to set the range of numbers for the multiplication problems. There is also a timer, so if students are taking too long- it times them out and their turn is over. 

2. Times Table Quiz

This is your basic multiplication drill app. I love that the numbers are easy to see, the score change in the upper right corner (the more quickly they go the higher their points) and the app itself is easy for students to maneuver. A great starting app!

3. Multiplication Flash Cards Match

This is a fun memory style game with flashcards. One flashcard will show the number sentence and the other shows the product. The levels keep changing as students progress through the game. As they make a match the flashcards “explode” into little bits of confetti. The kids love it!

4. Monster Math

Monster Math is built around a story of a monster trying to get his friend back. Students are walked through various stages to find the monster’s friend. Teachers can edit the number ranges, operations and so much more!

5. Math Monsters Bingo

This app is definitely a student FAVORITE. Students are given a multiplication problem at the top of their screen and they click the product at the bottom. A little monster marker shows up. Their goal is to get 5 in a row. For each product, there are numerous places a student could pick so they not only need to know the product, but be strategic in choosing one that will help get to 5 in a row. 

Hopefully these are some apps that you can use in your classroom. Pin the image below to save this post for later!

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