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Making Inferences with a Movie Short

Using movies, short films or animations in the classroom is extremely engaging for students. I use short films from Pixar Studios to teach a variety of skills and strategies throughout the year. One of my favorites is “One Man Band” from Pixar. I use it to teach inferencing but you could use it to teach a variety of skills including character comparisons, setting and even plot structure.

You might want to watch the video before you check out the rest of the post. This video can be used for so many different skills! So worth your time!

{Head over to Youtube and Search “One Man Band” to check out a video!}

Students love the video and it is relatively easy for them to form some inferences throughout. While they are watching, I stop the video three different times to allow them to form inferences and state the evidence that supports that inference. Click here to get the free graphic organizer.

Using movie shorts in the classroom can be very engaging. Guide your students to make inferences using a Pixar short. The post includes two free graphic organizers to help your students! Perfect to use for any book or video.

The free download also includes a generic graphic organizer for making inferences. Check it out by clicking here. Do you you use any movie shorts in your classroom? I am always looking for new ones to use with my students.

I recommend giving them the recording sheet and allowing them time to look over the questions before you have them watch the video. This will allow time for students to write their answers and back up with evidence. If it works best for your class, show the video two times. The first time you watch, have students record their inferences. On the second watch, have students record their evidence.

The options are truly endless with this short. Do a quick search on YouTube for other movie shorts to see how you can use them in your classroom to support your instruction. Students love them and they definitely are engaged!

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