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Boclips: Educational Videos for Teachers

Boclips is a great new website that is sure to engage and excite your students. It features millions of educational short-form videos that teachers can use to grab students’ attention. Boclips has partnered with some amazing content partners to offer you videos from a variety of sources. Oh, did I mention… its both free for teachers and completely ad free!
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I wanted to share about a new site that I have been using on a weekly basis in my classroom. I am always looking for ways to integrate video into my lessons because it is engaging and it truly amy students to make real-world application to the content. My biggest frustration with educational videos is the lack of ad-free and easy searches. I waste so much time on YouTube searching for the “perfect” video for a lesson on XYZ. Half time time, I end up just picking something to avoid having to scroll through yet another page of videos.

This is part 1 of my four part series on how to use Boclips for the classroom! If you would like to quickly gain access the rest of the series, be sure to click the links below:

Using BoClips for Videos:

Boclips was developed to provide educators a streamlined way to find worry-free digital content for students. All of the videos are AD-FREE and firewall restrictions are lifted so you won’t have issues sharing them with your students (please tell me I am not the only one that has this problem from time to time). All the videos on the site are uploaded by approved content partners or the Boclips team, which gives me the peace of mind to know that I am not going to inadvertently share inappropriate content with my students. We all know those pesky “watch next” video suggestions that happen at the end of YouTube videos… you just never know what is going to come next! Not anymore though. Boclips doesn’t have suggested videos at the end or similar videos on the page at all.

The teacher interface is SO easy to use. After you create your free account (click here), you can search for just about anything. I have found myself using this for Science, Social Studies, Digital Citizenship, as well as Math Vocabulary. There are millions of videos on the site, but the search feature has been pretty kind to me so far. I haven’t had any weird video suggestions pop-up within the first few pages of videos and usually I am finding what I am looking for in the first 7-10 videos.
PLUS, I am 100% okay searching with my students watching because I know the content that will appear is all kid-appropriate.

Boclips has recently added a few great features which have made me start to use it more and more. One feature is the option to save videos. Once you find a video that you just don’t want to lose, you can easily save it to your collection. Simply click “save” and then add a new collection to save it to. I have collections saved for my science topics and other subjects. Boclips has also curated collections (as well as teacher published collections) that can be easily found and utilized for multiple videos on the same subject matter.

I use videos in my lessons in a variety of ways. First, they serve as a great anticipatory set and they really do excite kids. I use videos to add additional content to the lessons, there are just some things that kids understand more when they see it in a video. Finally, I use videos to bring the world to my kids. Boclips videos are easy to share via Google Classroom (or other classroom management systems). The ads are still blocked and firewall restrictions are off which makes viewing safe for your students.

Interested in checking it out for yourself? It’s completely free, create your free account today!

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