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Flexible Seating Posters (Bulletin Board Kit)


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This resource contains everything you need to make a bulletin board full of your flexible seating options to organize student choices. Check out the preview to see nearly all of the pages included in the file!


  • 60 Option Posters (both in color and b/w)
  • Bulletin Board Letters
  • Rules/Purpose Posters (both in color and b/w)
  • Editable Name Tags for Bulletin Board
  • Editable Posters (so you can make your own option posters!)
  • Special Downloadable Surprise!

Flexible Seating Posters Include: peanut balls, wobble stools, futon, folding chairs, chair discs, bean bag chairs, yoga balls, stools, kick bands, video game rocker chairs, stools, comfy chairs, scoop rockers, bench, yoga mats, little table, pillows, crate seats, floor desks, jellyfish chairs, hokki stools, bungee chairs, director’s chairs, bucket seats, floor cushions, standing table, bar stools, couch, rocking chairs, rolling chairs, floor seat, standing desk, beach chairs, floor table, picnic table, chairs, butterfly chair, swivel chairs, convertible table, chairs, ball chair, rugs, whiteboard table, lowered table, camping chairs, carpet, tent, ball chairs, desks, rolling stools, wobble stools, small rugs, trapezoids, high table, circle seats, cushions, dome seats, pillows, tire seats, and bench


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