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Organizing Your Books for Book Clubs

It’s time for another Bright Ideas Linky! This is seriously one of my favorite days of the month. Grab a cup of coffee, notebook/pen and hop along the linky to see tons of Bright Ideas!

I am addicted to books. I love doing book clubs in my classroom and I have purchased collected a wide range of books to use. I have easy readers, classic novels and just fun to read chapter books. It has been a constant goal to have no fewer than 6 copies of each. Generally, my book clubs are 5 students but an extra book doesn’t hurt.

With all of these copies of all of these books, I was starting to run out of space for bins. (I have a slight addiction to the Dollar Store baskets/bins too.) With little shelf space, I had to rethink what I was going to do with all of my books. One book club lasts about a month. That means I don’t need to be getting books out all the time. That is when this Bright Idea was born!

The idea itself is extremely easy! I decided to use under the bed shoe organizers from the Family Dollar Store (I paid $6.00 each). You can get these shoe organizers at any department store. Simply pile the set of books in the slot where the shoes would go, keep on filing and zip it all shut when it is full! (Ignore the awful glare in the pictures… classroom lighting… grrr…)

I made sure all of my organizers where facing the same direction when I put the books in. I also made sure all of the books were facing the same direction so the titles would be easily readable. The tops of the organizers are clear so I don’t have to unzip to see what books are inside! Each book had its own slot and they stayed in place when I moved them around. These organizers had handy little handles on the ends to make moving them to my closet super easy!

Once you fill up your organizers, simply stack them on a shelf and ta-da you have officially eliminated a huge pile up of books and bins! When it is time to grab new books for book club, I simply pull them off my shelf, lay them on the floor and I can see all of the titles I have all at once. I tried to organize the books a bit when I put them away (easy readers together, series of books together, same author together, etc.).

Hope you like this Bright Idea! Check out the link-up below for more bright ideas!

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