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Organizing My Materials

I snapped a couple of quick pictures to show you how I organize my science and social studies units. I am loving how easy it is to just quickly grab the box and have all of my materials in one place. I ordered these magazine file boxes from Ikea over the summer. These file boxes are multi-functional! I have a box for each lesson in our reading curriculum. Each lesson box has all of my spelling, vocabulary, extension activities, guided reading books, lesson plans, etc. in it. They are labeled on the outside by lesson number and story titles. Anyways… I made a little label, laminated it and used my sticker machine to put on the outside top of the box. Then everything just slides right in!

 This will make planning so easy! Everything for the entire unit will be kept in the boxes. How do you organize all of your science/social studies materials? I would love to hear some other ideas!!

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