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Martin Luther King Jr. Ideas

My students love learning about Martin Luther King, Jr. and I love teaching all about him. In our classroom, we spend a whole week focusing on his life and all of the things that he did for our country. I use videos, picture books and a project to really make

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How to Make Cookie Cutter Ornaments

Looking for an easy parent gift during the holiday season? These cookie cutter ornaments are so easy to make (plus they are super cheap) and parents just love them! Make the dough at home for an even easier time in the classroom! Keep reading to find out just how easy

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Creating a Compliment Community

Teaching involves so much more than just math, reading, science and social studies. We are nurturing little humans and it is crucial to develop a community that is conducive to giving compliments. The year always starts off with community building. A part that often gets forgotten is teaching kids how

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