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8 Tips for Growing Your Classroom Library with Scholastic

Eight tips to utilize Scholastic to grow your classroom library!

Looking to add some new texts to your classroom library? Are you a first year teacher with a small classroom library? Do you wish that you had a larger selection of books for your students to choose from? If you answered yes to any of those questions- this post is for you! Below are eight tips on how you can grow your classroom library by using Scholastic Book Clubs!

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Scholastic Book Clubs. All opinions/ideas shared are my own. I do not share resources, websites, apps or content that I do not believe in and/or use in my own classroom. 

Each month, Scholastic Book Clubs offers a variety of $1.00 book deals! By purchasing these books each month- you can easily grow your library throughout the year by spending very little. Plus, it is a great way for parents to purchase high-quality reads for kids to read independently at home.

This year, Scholastic is also offering a weekly dollar deal! They advertise the books on their social media accounts and also on their Scholastic Clubs’ blog (click here to check it out).

These $1 deals are a great way to add a set of readers to a guided reading library! I always purchase a set of 6 books if they are at an appropriate level for my guided reading or book groups.

Scholastic always offers great value packs with every flyer. These book bundles are curated by the editors at Scholastic to help teachers add 5-10 books to their classroom libraries for just a few dollars. These collections tend to have themes but they range from holiday-themed collections to laugh-out-loud reads.

Looking for some great gifts for students for the holidays, birthdays, or end of the year? These collections are always a quick buy for me! I love that the collection includes a few different texts that are at various levels so I know I am giving my students an appropriate leveled text!

Wanting to really maximize your guided reading or book club selection? Buy five or six copies of the book bundles so that you have multiples of these books for students to use!

Okay. This is by far my favorite part of Scholastic Book Clubs. The Apple Recognition and Rewards Program is a way to say “thank-you” for teachers (and students too) who go the extra mile to foster a love of reading in their classroom. Every teacher joins the program automatically this year. Teachers can earn rewards based on the amount of each order and earn additional rewards including free shipping, free book packs, surprise gifts, Scholastic Teacher Magazine subscription and more!

That’s all fine and dandy… but the rewards program is my favorite because you rack up points for spending money on books… which you probably would have purchased anyway! These points can be redeemed on more books for your library or you can save them up and use them to “purchase” an even larger item. Scholastic has an entire catalog of reward options including furnishings, educational games, posters, tech devices and more! This year,  every dollar a classroom spends on an order, the teacher earns one bonus point.

Remember those dollar books… you can use your BONUS POINTS to purchase them! Have some students requesting some specific books? Use your bonus points to add those texts to your classroom library!

Have a new teacher at your school?! Teachers who are already enrolled in Scholastic Book Clubs are eligible for special bonus points when they help get new teachers started with the program. This year, both teachers will receive 250 bonus points! Use these bonus points to grow that library!!

My biggest tip for maximizing your monthly book order totals (so you get the most bonus points to use on free books) is to be sure that you are sending home multiple book flyers. I always send at least four each month. I make sure that I am offering a large variety of levels as well as try to cover some key interests.

Did you know that Scholastic Reading Clubs offers some special collection catalogs? You can request any catalog when you are logged into your Scholastic account and you scroll all the way to the bottom and click “request catalog”. You will receive the flyers to send home with your students and as soon as you place one order through that catalog- you will start to receive it regularly. Some special catalogs that they offer are Diverse Reads, Math & Science, Best Sellers and Kid Picks.

When you hand out your monthly book flyers, give your students 5-10 minutes to browse through the books. There are so many new books to look at. Have them make a wish list to show their parents.

Take some time to become a Scholastic search ninja. Seriously. There are SO many books that are offered each month that, without mastering the search, you would probably never see. I always type the key words like “value” or “pack” to find some great deals.

You can also search by author’s last name, theme or type of book. Best part about the search… you can filter the results so you can look at just books, specific grades/levels and price points! Talk about making it easy!!

Involving your students is a great way to really hook your students and foster that love of reading. In our classroom, we have a running wish list of books. We use the “bonus money” that Scholastic offers every few months for orders over specific amounts and our bonus points to buy these books! Kids love seeing the texts that are wanting when we open that red and white book box!

Another great way to involve students is to do a book raffle with the new books you received in your book order (before adding them to your library). Simply give students a few slips of paper for them to write their name on. Spread out the new books and put a cup or container by each one. I always do a quick book talk (back of the book) or read an excerpt from each book… not necessary though! Students can stick their slips in the cups for the books they want to read first. Then draw a name and that student gets to read the book first! Talk about exciting! We go all out and even include a “drumroll” with each name pull.

By growing readers, you will be growing your library because they *hopefully* purchase more books from Scholastic so you earn bonus points to spend on books for your classroom!

There you have it. Eight different ways to grow your classroom library using Scholastic Book Clubs. As always, if you have any questions about how to use Scholastic in your classroom or a GREAT tip for others- drop a comment below! Happy Reading!

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