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Tips to Refresh Your Math Routine

It is important to reflect on our math routines. This post walks you through the process I take to give my math routine a little refresh. This is great to do at the beginning of the year, after a long break, or anytime your math block is feeling a bit

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Easily Plan for Math Small Groups

Differentiating your math instruction can be challenging, but you can use math small groups to differentiate your lessons . In every classroom you have students who are working on level, below level, or above level. You have students who have mastered your lesson in 2.2 seconds flat and others who

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Fun and Easy Activities for Back to School

Back to school activities are one of my favorite things to plan. Building a strong community from the start is essential for a successful classroom. Here are some of my favorite back to school activities that can be used both in the classroom or with distance learning. This post contains

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Why You Should Be Batching Your Lessons

Admit it, you hate lesson planning too. Does anyone truly get giddy over sitting down and figuring out exactly what they are going to teach for hours on end? It can take (what feels like) forever to write out your lessons for the week and then you still have all

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